La Santa Muerte

As the days roll by and the workload never ceases, I've been working on a side project between rendering hours to catch up with my sculpting skills. 

Decided to work on a illustration based on the folk figure of Santa Muerte, a somewhat controversial Mexican saint (not recognized by the Catholic church) that's gathered a huge number of worshipers in Latin America.

PS: Please ignore the HUGE mistake I did inverting her left hand (that is not where the thumb should be) eh eh!

Will continue to work on these in the off-hours. Next step will be to research the clothing options and sculpting some additional accessories to enrich the sculpt before sculpting the finer details in the body

On showing my work

As I was pondering about my plans for this current year I noticed that I've always been terrible at presenting myself outside my work. This is something I'm hoping to change this year, starting right here in the blog. 

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If you've visited my website before, you may have come across the old "blog" I had, which consisted only of various WIPs and loose images with little to no context. I've decided to do a little cleaning and renew this section!

I'm still in the process of thinking how this is going to work out... lately I've been considering ways to further share what I do that would come in handy to everyone who may come by here, and writing some of my thoughts on the way I work, how I work, and what I'm working on, seemed like a nice idea.

If you want to follow along, than I suggest you drop by here in a couple of weeks, so we can share some ideas together!