On showing my work

As I was pondering about my plans for this current year I noticed that I've always been terrible at presenting myself outside my work. This is something I'm hoping to change this year, starting right here in the blog. 

This won't be an easy task for me because I'm simply not used to doing this. But it's fairly easy to explain my motivation for doing so: all my favorite artists are extremely good at sharing their knowladge outside their work, and that is something that has always motivated me, and it's something I'm planning to do as well from now on...

...starting right here, with this little girl!

This was a simple sculpt I did between jobs last December on Zbrush. It came out after a surge of character designing work I've been doing at the studio, which sparked me to try some new approaches to character modelling and shading.

Eventualy I thought this could be a great excuse to document some of my working processes with the intent of making short "making-of" style guides.

By "documenting", I meant recording every iteration this character suffered from initial sculpt to eventual final render.

 Right now, I have planned a guide on:

  • Modeling a shoe using Zbrush;
  • Lighting and shading processes in VRay;
  • Hair grooming using Ornatrix modifier.

This is something I will be doing on the side, so updates will be sporadic, and because I don't want to make something rushed, I won't force myself on a schedule to publish anything.