Pierre Benjamin's online Zbrush Workshop

Time does fly when you are having fun! Unfortunatly, as time flies off so does some of the plans I had for the blog. The reason I haven't uploaded anything for a while is simple: not only has the workload at the studio skyrocketed, I've also been attending an online workshop with Zbrush artist Pierre Benjamin (https://www.artstation.com/pierrebenjamin).

It has been a FANTASTIC learning experience that I highly recommend to any fellow Zbrushers out there. Throughout we've been doing several assigments to practice anatomy, clothing, hair, etc. After we're done I'll do proper renders of all the sculpts I'm working on, but untill then I'll leave a couple of WIP images here so you can get a taste of what we are practicing. 

You can also check my Artstation account as I have some of these pieces there.


ZBrush Document.jpg