Bionic ladies, shopping malls and cards!

Hello! How are you all doing? 

January already seems pretty much behind and I felt like showcasing here some of the stuff that's been happening, bullet point style!

  • Ever since I went to last years Trojan Horse was a Unicorn event (which is one of the best things ever if you are a digital artist and want to be inspired for a couple of months) I realized that business cards weren't just for entrepreneurs and business savvy people, as every single person in that event had their cards ready to hand out to extend their networks. So last month I ordered some pretty simple cards from the awesome people at

Seems pretty trivial, but since my work lives exclusively inside computer screens I never even considered that more traditional ways of letting people know my work was something worth investing on. Now I have all these cool cards for anyone who wants some! 

  • Meanwhile, work still continues on my studies to build a CG character model ready for real-time engines. I'm still at the modeling phase, working out design choices and figuring out new ways to tackle more complex hard-surface assets. I'd say it's coming along pretty nicely for the purpose of learning, but I'm slowly dreading the low-poly phase as I have no idea how I'm supposed to make this work with low geometry (perks of always having worked high-poly I guess). 
  • Finally, the studio has dropped another BTS of the last campaign we worked on, which turned out to be really fun to make!