Insects and vegetables!

Nothing beats the feeling of seeing the results of all your hard labor out in the streets and media, and that was the case this month with two of the coolest projects as of late I had the pleasure of being a part of!

First were these little critters we were tasked to create for Lisb-on, a three day music event done at the heart of Lisbon.

The campaign had a very clear vision and that definitely helped at the creation phase, which made this a breeze of a job. And yet I couldn’t be prouder of what the team achieved in the end. We also got some cool prints for the office!

After the insects, came the veggies! This one I was part mainly in the character creation phase and lighting. The rest of the team tackled pretty much everything that made this wonderful advertisement shine!

Eat your veggies and see next time!

Eat your veggies and see next time!