Welcome to my (mostly visual) Blog!

Here you'll find some R/D shots, unused concepts, workflow insights, test renders, and other stuff I'm working on!

Nearing the completion of my Frankestein's Monster project, and getting pretty happy with the results so far! Working off-hours on this makes progress really slow though.

Test scene for a rig I created to simulate a dynamic wing unfold for a project. Flex modifier was used on the feathers to fake their dynamic swing.

Working on a character based on a illustration by Sergey Ishmaev

Unused concept pieces for a studio project

Model done for a promotional spot

Wotking on a vray skin shader for an ongoing project I'm working on

Quick render of a model for a concept board

Quick sculpting morph test

Screengrab for a dynamic wiggle limb system I did for a recent job. The idea was to have a rig system that would allow me to have control over the four legs (seperatly) and have a spring system that acts whenever the body moves. It's far from a decent rig system but it served its purpose pretty well!

Started to learn how to create explosion dynamics inside 3DS Max. Good fun!

Colab with Rita Louro

Ocean scene look dev - 3DS Max+Vray

Ocean scene test I did for a job.

Re-used a model I did for a studio job to create a quick simple scene and test out Corona Render for 3DS Max